Relocating or Downsizing

Moving is stressful under any circumstance, but the added pressures of moving a great distance or downsizing from a beloved home can make the process seem downright daunting. Over years of helping clients with both these issues, I’ve gathered a list of quality resources from a variety of sites to help you start and successfully finish this process. Here are my favorites! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


Most of these resources address the needs of people moving to a new state, but their tips hold true for anyone moving a substantial distance.

  • Relocating to Another State

    Tips to Help with Your Move” by Victoria Araj on QuickenLoan’s Zing blog—short, clear tips for a successful long-distance move.

  • The Ultimate Moving Guide by Allsate

    This resource contains checklists and timelines to help you stay on track.

  • Moving Checklist by is a private website devoted to helping people navigate everything to do with motor vehicles. Its moving checklists answer all your questions about car registration, license plates, and the like.


  • How Do You Know If It’s Time to Downsize? by The Home Downsizer

    This blog is devoted to downsizing concerns and written by someone with personal experience. This article asks tough but necessary questions to help you decide if it’s time to downsize.

  • Decision to Downsize

    How to Help Your Parents” by View—Kids often struggle to best support their parents as they downsize. View is an Australian real estate website, but the advice applies to families in the US as well.

  • A Guide to Downsizing by Redfin

    This article breaks downsizing into five steps and includes helpful examples and infographics to contextualize the process.