Fresh Paint

A coat of new paint can completely change the aesthetic and value of your home. Paint is also one of the cheapest ways to improve your home. Neutral tones are the best choice because they will appeal to the majority of home buyers. Walls are the most drastic to change. However, a quick paint job on doors and cabinets can go a long way as well.


Crown Moldings

This home improvement is often overlooked when trying to renovate a home sale. It can be effortless to add crown moldings. They add character and a luxurious feel to the home. Your local hardware store sells decorative pieces of wood that can be added with a nail gun. Moldings are also an inexpensive option that adds significant value.


New Fixtures

The most simple changes are always forgotten when trying to add value to a home. However, these small details can make a huge difference. Switch out old outlet covers and light switches. Find curtain rods that add more character. Update doorknobs and light fixtures to catch buyers’ attention. A few dollars on simple hardware can go a long way!


Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can reduce your electricity bills and make a considerable impact when trying to sell your home. Ceiling fans in bedrooms and living room areas add air circulation and more efficient lighting. These fans lower the need for constant air conditioning as well as the need for the buyer to install lighting themselves.


Window Treatment

The wrong blinds and curtains can eliminate style right from a room. Luckily, it is usually affordable to switch these out to add some flair. Window treatments deserve a little TLC when selling your home. The lighting that can come in as well as the visual aesthetic, is essential for buyers.


Bathroom Reno

Small additives in a bathroom are so often overlooked yet can completely change a vibe. Go for new, more modern options to change things up. A bathroom with trendy knobs, sink fixtures, shower heads, and light fixtures is sure to get more offers.


New Front Door

An updated front door will grab the attention of buyers before they even get inside your home. A front door that brings appeal to the home will be extremely inviting and well-liked by potential buyers. You should also think about the proper decor for the front steps. A welcoming doormat will also give a great added touch.


Closet Storage

Most people enjoy having a lot of closet space.  The visual of having a significant amount of storage increases the home’s perceived value. Adding custom shelving and multiple rods adds a luxurious feel. These not only add more space but give you pristine organization. This is a cheap fix that can give your home an advantage.