Multiple Pillows

You can easily spice up a living space with items you already own. An empty room can come across as dull and uninviting. Luckily, something that most people have too many of is pillows! Taking extra pillows from areas of less focus and stacking them on a couch gives a cozy feel. Different patterns and colors look the best, so do not worry about needing to buy new matching ones!

Curtain Revamp

Here is an easy, free way to make it look like you have higher ceilings. Most people place curtain rods at the top of the window treatment they are covering. The trick here is to set the rod at the top of the ceiling. Adjusting the curtain rod this way will give the room an instant uplift.

Couch Re-arrangement

Most people set up their furniture to line the walls of the room. They believe that this will maximize the floor space. However, moving furniture away from the wall and into the center gives the appearance of a larger room. Moving the furniture closer also makes the area feel much more personal.

Better to be Odd

Arrange your objects in groups of threes or fives. Typically, people lean towards items in even pairings, but odd number groupings are more enjoyable! Frames in sets of three look the most appealing.

Run the Table

Using a runner is the best way to make the most of your table space. You can place small accents on the runner without taking up the table. If you do not have one, you can opt for a piece of fabric or an oversized scarf!


Do you have stacks of books lying around the house that you have no space to display? There are so many good uses for them! You can use the readers with appealing covers as coffee table accents. You can also use a stack as a side table!