While not every dwelling has a living room virtually every house or condo does. This is the place where we socialize with family and friends.  It is a reflection and maybe even a part of our makeup.  It may be where your child’s first steps were taken.  It is a place where we relax.  It has been called a parlor, a drawing-room, and even during the influenza pandemic a morgue.  It was after the great Spanish Flu pandemic that the term living room became popular.  It was at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York that the first really modern living room was viewed.  It was a place to focus on new technologies like radio and television.  Today the function is often the same but the technologies have changed to gaming systems, surround sound, and Smart TV.

With the idea of new and better things in mind, let us take a look at some new paint colors to try for your living room to bring the freshness of summer into our homes.

1.    Tangerine

Photo by Norbert Leases on Unsplash

If you are looking for a way to energize an entire room, then painting a wall tangerine may be for you. Tangerine will evoke thoughts of summer’s late-night sunsets.  It will add that “Pop” to the living room. Orange and tangerine is a shade of orange and is often described as happy, bright, and uplifting. It suggests emotional feelings such as warmth, enthusiasm, and excitement. It calls to mind feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth. While painting an entire room in this color may be overwhelming, using it on an accent wall can be a perfect choice.

2. Summer Yellow


Photo by Francesca Hatching on Unsplash


What says summer more than yellow?  Yellow is the color of sunflowers, lilies, buttercups, lemonade, and more. To avoid sensory overload, it should be used sparingly.  Try using it on just one wall or perhaps just the bottom part of your walls. Yellow is in the warm color spectrum and is very cheery. Try pairing it with neutral colors to make the yellow POP.


3. Bright White


Perhaps the single color that gives the more summer-worthy vibe is bright white. It creates a light and airy atmosphere by allowing the light to come in and reflect that light. According to the psychology of color, white is the color of encouragement and protection.  It elicits a sense of calm, hope, comfort, and peace.  While white works for any season using it with neutrals offers a beachy timeless vibe perfect for the summer months.