Not having air conditioning is good if looked at from the right perspective. However, it is not tough to beat the rising temperature and humidity. Apart from not having to pay many bills, it’s a gift for nature too.

Here are seven tips for this summer to keep you cool and refreshed even when you are sleeping:

  • Looser, the better:

Tight clothes stick to the body when we sweat. Therefore, loose and comfortable clothes with fabric that lets the air pass through them are recommended. Nylon clothes should be avoided. Simple and loose garments help to stay cool. Cotton undershirts absorb sweat from the body and are also recommended. Do not let direct sun rays come in contact with your body to avoid tan and skin infections.

  •  Minimum physical contact:

Cuddling increases body temperature and friction. It can cause sweating and skin infections. Moreover, sticking together can also result in suffocation and stifle the atmosphere, leading to more heat. Hence, try avoiding physical contact on warm days. Hang out in cold places and on evenings with low temperatures.

  •  A glass of water before sleep and after waking :

Drinking water before sleeping is an old but effective trick. Sweating the whole night can cause dehydration and dizziness. A glass of water helps to remain hydrated.

Water is the best coolant for the body, and it cannot bear its shortage. Hence, it is essential to drink water before sleeping and after waking. Drinking a glass of water after waking up boosts the metabolism.

  • Frequent showers:

Cold showers in the morning and night are soothing and refreshing. Showers are necessary during summer to rinse off the sweat and bacteria it causes. Not taking a shower for long can cause skin infections and rashes. It naturally brings down the temperature of the body.

But being under the shower for a long period of time can cause swelling of the skin and wastewater. I prefer short and frequent showers for constant coolness.

  • Freeze the bed sheet:

Placing a bed sheet or blanket in the freezer for some time before sleeping can be effective. Please put them in a plastic or paper bag while freezing so that they do not come into contact with food items. Freezing the bed sheet may not be sufficient for the whole night, but it can help get a sound sleep. I prefer a cotton bed sheet/blanket as it will absorb the coolness. Nylon should be avoided.

  • Use natural light:

Almost all kinds of light bulbs radiate heat which raises the room temperature. Therefore, keep the curtains open and let the natural sunlight brighten the room. Days are longer in summers, and it would be convenient to use minimum artificial light. It’s also a step towards energy conversation and keeping your room cooler.

Use of thin curtains, which allow light to pass, is recommended. Also, pane glasses for windows can be used, which don’t let the heat come in.

  •  Cotton everywhere:

From shirts to pants to bedsheets, the best-recommended fabric is cotton. Cotton has holes in it for the air to pass, hence providing perfect ventilation. It also absorbs sweat, which helps in keeping the body dry. On the other hand, polyester, satin, or silk fabrics do the opposite job. They trap the air and don’t let it pass. So prefer cotton as much as possible in summers. Other fabrics can be suitable for lower temperatures. The color of the cloth also matters. Light shades of colors attract minimum heat. Hence, avoid dark and dull shades in summers to stay cool.