The pandemic has changed the work styles of many Americans. And as a result, it has changed the things that Americans are looking for when buying homes. Homebuyers see what home sellers view as “extra” rooms for home office space and zoom meeting rooms.

Remote Work May Be Here to Stay
For many Americans, remote work remains a reality. An August 2021 poll from Garter, Inc. demonstrates that many organizations have not yet fully returned to their workplaces. The poll confirms that a majority are delaying reopening their offices precisely because of the rise of Covid -19 variants.

Additional findings indicate that one of the factors feeding unemployment in the United States of America is that many people seek out jobs with remote work opportunities and leave that do not. About ten percent of workers do not want to go back to on-site jobs.

Home Office Space is in Greater Demand
Buyers are looking for homes with space where they can work comfortably from home. The American Institute of Architects published in its 2021 Home Design Trends Survey that 69% of buyers want at least one office at home. Furthermore, findings show that more people are searching for multiple spaces for remote work in their homes.

What Does This Mean for You?
That unused room in your home may be just the extra space buyers would be seeking. Is this the perfect time to sell? A knowledgeable and trusted real estate agent can help you showcase the features of your home most sought after by buyers, including home offices. That empty bedroom or even a nook can be staged as a home office. Your real estate agent knows what people are looking for in homes and what other sellers are doing to entice buyers.

Bottom Line
The rise in remote work has created a need for multiple home offices, and homebuyers are looking for homes with multiple extra rooms. If you are not using all the rooms anymore, this may be the perfect time to sell your home. Consider talking with knowledgeable real estate about your options.