One of a kind Desk

Take a trip to an antique store, salvage yard, or renovators supply store, and you are likely to find the makings of a unique desk.  Start with an old door.  Place on two sawhorses set at 29 or 30 inches high.  This same technique has been used for tables at construction sites for decades.  Added a glass top to the desk to give you a smooth writing surface.

Organizers from your Recycling Bin

The easiest way to find things is to keep them well organized.  A simple trip to your recycling bin may provide you will all you need.

Old tin cans or glass jars can be painted, cover with decorative paper, or decorated in other ways to create storage for pens, pencils, rulers, staples, business, etc.

Old clean tuna cans can hold paperclips, rubber bands, erasers, etc., that can be easily placed in a drawer.

An old cereal box, with one end cut off, is just about the right size of correspondence or blank 8 ½ x 11-inch paper.  These can be used as-is or decorated with wrapping papers.

If you like a desk organizer, try using an old sewing basket, lunch box, silverware holder, or cookie tins.