2020 made many of us rethink the relationship we have with our homes.  Shutdowns necessitated by the Pandemic made many of us create spaces for homeschooling, office space, even fitness areas.

Choosing the right aesthetic, moving, renovating, or planning future DIY projects will improve your home’s market value.  These design trends are what the experts feel will be going away doing forward.

Modern Farmhouse

Shiplap looks at home in the farmhouse but in few other settings. In a farmhouse, it has a natural organic feel.  That is not the case in urban environments or apartments.

White Kitchens

The all-white kitchen is on the way out. The more exotic stones, detailed patterns,  and tile have traditionally defined luxury.

Think in terms of highly veined marble, Carrara marble, and onyxes instead of manufactured white surfaces.  Manufactured surfaces are still going to be okay, but they should resemble the more lus=xurious natural stone.  Quartzite is the right choice and is very durable

Open Floor Plans

What did we learn during the COVID-19 Pandemic?  We learned that your home office, kitchen, living room, and playroom should not share the same space. The lack of privacy led to the lack of function.

As working from home becomes more the norm, as many experts predict, the need for privacy will become more paramount.  The change will undoubtedly happen slowly but expect doors and separate rooms to return.

Inexpensive Furniture

People are opting to get better quality furnishing that lasts longer.  People cannot afford to stop work, interrupt school, pack up the car and run out to the store because their desk breaks.  Buying better quality furniture has the benefit of durability.


As we spend more time in our homes and do more things in the house than ever before, we need more home items.  If you never worked from home, You might not have required that desk, desk lamp, or several monitors before the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The fact is that now people do need more things in the home than before the Pandemic.

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