When you think about getting your home ready for sale, you think about large items such as repainting walls and updating your kitchen. While these will definitely make a difference, there are a few minor improvements that are often overlooked which deter the most potential buyers. Be sure to look at the big picture before selling, but be sure to look even closer at each room.

Fix Anything and Everything That Is Broken

You may find a few tiny things that are broken around the house that you think will not make a difference when potential buyers come through. A door that is hard to shut, drawers that stick, or lights that do not work can be a turn off during a showing. You may have learned to live with them, but an outsider will notice.

Pay Attention to Sounds

Any door, window, floor or stair that squeaks needs to be fixed. If your windows are whistling, you probably have a leak which is going to need repairing before you sell anyways. Repair door hinges that cause squeaks, tighten screws on ceiling fans that are rattling. Background noise to you can be a deal breaker for visitors.

Think About Water 

Check everywhere for a potential leak. Especially all faucets and toilets. Check around windows and on ceilings for any possible water damage. Leaks that start small can become a large problem. Make sure your water is under control before selling.