We are sure we can speak for everyone when we say we didn’t think we would be having a quarantine holiday season. 2020 has proven over and over again it is full of surprises. For some of us, this means that a time typically spent with family and friends is now going to be spent alone. Since this can be a hard adjustment, we have a few tips.

Realize You Are Not Alone

A survey found that around 23 million Americans are going to be spending the holiday season alone. This year as a whole has felt isolating and giving up family time can make that feel even worse, but you are not the only one feeling this. Luckily we live in a world where we can still be virtually connected.

Stay Virtually Connected

Make the best of the situation at hand. Just because you will not be able to celebrate in person, doesn’t mean all options are off the table. Plan family virtual calls full of activities to keep everyone connected. Make recipes while on FaceTime, play games or simply just chat with your friends and families.

Don’t Skip Traditions

Most of us correlate the holidays with traditions. Try and enjoy some of them on your own this year. Make some time to do activities that are 2020 approved. Bake and decorate cookies and send them out to the people you typically make them with. Send Christmas cards out to family and friends. Go all out with your house decorations since you will be spending a lot of your time in there! Don’t let the holiday season pass by without celebrating just because you will be alone.

The holiday season is the greatest time of year. While it may look differently this year, don’t let that stop you from celebrating as best you can. We will get through this together!