There is nothing better than traditions during the holiday season, especially in years like this one. What better time to create new traditions and honor old ones than moving into a new space. While you may not be able to do everything the same as always, now is the time to find new and exciting activities to celebrate the holiday season.

Moving into a new space gives you a blank slate in so many ways. You can change up your design preferences, the layout of your items, and even your living habits. You work to make the space feel like home.

Since being home for the holidays has a bit of a different meaning this year, you will want to make sure you are settled as best as possible.

Here are some of our best tips for making the holiday season special in your new home.

Movie Marathon

Admit it. There is nothing like a marathon of holiday classics on the TV. Set aside some time in the process of unpacking and settling to have a movie night. Have each member of the house pick their favorite movie and watch them all in a row! We know furniture is a bit back ordered these days… if your couch still hasn’t arrived, bring out the blankets.

Merry & Bright

Since you will be spending all your time at home, you will obviously need lights. If you are looking to be festive but are worried about unpacking and settling, the easiest trick is lighting! Get string lights to decorate the outside and even the inside of your home to give you that holly jolly feeling.

Meet the Neighbors – From a Distance 

While you may want to host a happy hour to meet your new neighbors, that is a little bit out of the question this year. Get acquainted with your neighbors in other ways. Prepare tins of cookies or hot cocoa mix with personalized notes. Drop them at your neighbors steps with the hopes of the next one being in person!

Holiday Playlists

While you are spending all your time inside unpacking and decorating, you need some good music to get you through! It can be hard to get into the holiday spirit with so many chores to get done, this is the easiest way.  Spend a night curating the perfect holiday playlist to blast through your speakers.

The holidays are some of the most special times of the year. Moving into a new home is also one of those times. What better way to make the best of both situations during this year than with some new traditions and tips. Let us know what you are doing to settle in this holiday season!