“Out with the old and in with the new” is not always affordable, but everyone would like the chance to be daring, bold and unafraid of change.

Entering into the New Year by adding some refreshing colors or accent pieces will not only brighten up your home during these short winter days, but also help increase the appeal when showcasing your home or if you are considering the idea of selling. Whether one is looking to buy, sell, or rent, it is always nice to see how others have designed their own homes, as it helps you envision possible future interior decorating ideas.

Accents Are Powerful

The smallest or simplest of accents can have the biggest presence. It is important to remember when remodeling or designing that not everything has to change or scream “look at me;” the purpose is to add the spark which makes the place yours.

Don’t Overcrowd the Space

Another common mistake is overcrowding with too many eye-catching pieces. Yes, they may all be beautiful, however, if there is not enough space then it gives off a cluttered or disorganized look. A quick step to finding the correct way to decorate a room is to think about the theme/color palette of the room or the feeling you like one to receive upon it.

Consider Your Theme

Painting the walls is a great solution for an easy change, but if you are renting then it may not be a possibility. Don’t fret, other ways that one can give a touch of their personality is by picking out accent pieces to tie the room together.

Consider the theme/color palette the foundation upon which you will continue to build when selecting wall colors, furniture, drapes etc. A great idea is to look at furniture that you already own and explore different ideas on how to improve it. For example, DIY furniture restoration can be both affordable and achieve gorgeous outstanding looks.

Keep it Affordable

The key to affordability is to not buy everything new and to not purchase it all at once. That will lead to over buying and no real time to truly create the space you want. By incorporating old pieces into the décor, it will still create the lived-in home feeling, and give a balance of familiarity without having to overspend.